Amazon Prime vs. Netflix

Which is Right for You?


If you are not fond of paying for cable TV, then you might want to consider a better and cheaper option.

Fortunately, you can choose from video streaming services that allow you to gainaccess to an unlimited number of movie titles and TV shows.

In this review, you will find out more about the features and benefits offered by Amazon Prime and Netflix – two of the finest options for streaming libraries.

Overview of the Features

According to Amazon’s official website, you can choose from more than 100,000 films to watch. However, only about 17,000 of these titles are available for streaming for members.

On the other hand, you can find over 25,000 films at Netflix, which makes the site a great choice for movie aficionados. By subscribing to Netflix, you can watch thousands of films with quality audio and video.

Amazon Prime offers a greater number of titles, yet some of these come with a fee that costs about $1.99 or $2.99.

Best Deals and Packages

Amazon Prime offers an annual subscription fee at $79, while Netflix advertises its services for $7.00 a month.

When you analyze the rates, you will realize the Amazon has much cheaper rates, as compared to Netflix. Moreover, you will appreciate extra perks when you subscribe at Amazon such as two-day free shipping on your merchandise orders from the site.

Another great reason for choosing Amazon Prime is that you can access the library of books by Amazon via your Kindle. You can choose from a wide selection of quality eBooks that include over 100 titles of past and current New York Times bestsellers.

Considering these features, you will certainly avail of more benefits from Amazon Prime.

Video Streaming Quality and Download Speed

These features are among the factors that everyone looks for in the best video streaming service. However, the streaming quality of Netflix and Amazon Prime depends on your internet connection.

Netflix has some advantage, though, since you can control the streaming quality when your broadband data caps are low. By adjusting the download quality after logging into your Netflix account, you can skip the long wait when streaming videos.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available at Amazon Prime, so you should have a fast download speed when you want to start watching your videos.


Amazon Prime lets you stream and watch films from a variety of devices including Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360, some HDTV brands, and Kindle Fire.

On the other hand, Netflix provides more options to access and download videos. You can opt to use your Apple TV, Blu-Ray players, game consoles or Apple TV.

Moreover, you can still check out any film you want while on the road by simply using your smart phone or tablet.

Convenience and Ease of Use

What most members appreciate about Netflix is the efficiency in using this streaming service.

You can even rate titles without any hassle or select the film you want by checking out the different genres available.

In addition, you may watch movies by using your Blu-Ray player or game console

As for Amazon Prime, you may noticethat the interface can be quite intricate and confusing. However, it offers a section for kids, so you can find the right films that are suitable for your children.

The only drawback, though, is that you may end up feeling frustrated when you notice that some of the featured films are not free of charge. Although the list of titles is lengthy, most of these films come with a fee even when you are a Prime member.

Which One Should You Choose?

After the long search for the best video streaming service available out there, your choice depends on the price and quality offered by the company.

You will also come across benefits and limitations in each service, so it makes sense to determine all the features before you decide to sign up and pay any fees.

Amazon Prime offers a cheaper rate, as compared to Netflix, and you can select from numerous film titles that you can watch.

On the other hand, some people choose Netflix because you can adjust the video quality depending on your internet download speed.

Whichever service you decide to choose, you will appreciate Netflix and Amazon Prime because you can avail of the trial package that lasts for a month. This means, you can discover for yourself the better service that meets your expectations.