Hulu Plus vs. VUDU

Which is Better ?


Nowadays, you can find numerous options when it comes to video streaming services with affordable rates.

While most TV show aficionados prefer the services offered by Hulu Plus, those who look for quality videos opt for movie streaming features by VUDU.
Check out this VUDU review and discover which one has greater benefits.

Efficiency and Simple Features

You can access Hulu Plus online by simply logging into your personal account. As soon as you have signed in, you can access a wide selection of hit TV programs and top-rated films.

It is also easy to check your account via other devices.

With VUDU, you can start streaming videos of your choice via any compatible device once you are online. All you need is to set up an account that is completely free of charge, and just pay for the films that you want to watch.

Compatibility with Devices

VUDU is available on any internet-connected HDTV, Blu-Ray players and other devices such as PS3, MAC, PC, and the iPad.

On the other hand, Hulu Plus is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android phone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Blu-Ray players, tablets, and most brands of TV.

Content and Movie Titles Available

You may not know exactly the number of films available at Hulu Plus, since it does not disclose the titles offered by this service.

However, if you check the site, it states that Hulu Plus features a thousand of award-winning shows and films without commercial interruption.

According to third-party websites, Hulu Plus features as much as 43,000 episodes from over 1,500 TV shows. Furthermore, you can choose from over 2,500 movies available at Hulu Plus. VUDU offers over 20,000 movie titles, and more films are added regularly.

Another great feature of VUDU is that there are films added the same day these are available on DVD. A number of films are in HD, as well, which can maximize your viewing experience.

Fabulous Perks for Members

Most TV fans will appreciate Hulu Plus because it gives them the opportunity to watch the latest episodes and other hard-to-find classic TV shows.

There are also new episodes uploaded immediately, so you no longer need to wait for weeks before you can watch these programs.

VUDU is the better option for anyone who looks for quality films because it offers a $5 instant credit when you sign up for membership.

You can watch HDX quality films, which can surely enhance your viewing pleasure. The service also streams movies in 1080p True Digital quality video with surround sound.


Hulu Plus may come with a cheap membership fee, yet you might have to put up with paid ads for the free version.

This is a major drawback, particularly when you are not fond of watching ads. On the other hand, VUDU provides a selection of movie titles, which you can watch on a per-movie basis.

The service does not come with a monthly fee, which means you can control the amount you pay depending on the number of films you watch. However, you end up paying a hefty price if you choose to purchase several videos regularly.

Value for Your Money

The price is one of the major factors that can affect your decision of choosing the video streaming service for your needs.

At Hulu Plus, you have to pay $7.99 per month, although you can always cancel your subscription whenever you want. With VUDU, you are not bound by any contract for subscriptions.

You can create a free account, yet the prices for films may vary.

There are titles that cost $2, which you may rent for two nights while other films are available at $5. HDX films are the costliest options, and these are the best ones if you look for the greatest viewing experience. SD films are available at $3.99 while HD titles cost $4.99.

Should You Choose VUDU over the Other Options?

If you look for a service that allows you to stream the finest content from a number of platforms, VUDU is definitely for you.

You will also appreciate the speed of service, remarkable quality of audio and video, as well as the ease of use provided by this service.

With all these benefits, VUDU sets itself apart from other options that you can find.